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The Full Story!

Hello, my name is Princess Mink and I am the founder of Eyelandmink Beauty Bar. I am originally from Tampa, Fl but I live between Alexandria, VA and Springfield VT. 
Eyelandmink was created in 2016 when I started to do mink eyelash extensions. I built up my clientele pretty quickly when I was back home in Florida, so I was constantly meeting new people. I then decided to add an extra service. so, in 2017 I took a few wig install classes and soon after gained more clientele. About 6 months into me installing wigs I found myself constantly sending my customers elsewhere to purchase wigs. After great thought a lightbulb went off,
" I could sell hair too"!!!!
 So Here we are now with a full wig line of
Luxury 100% Virgin Remy and RAW hair imported directly from China and India.
Our specialty is Custom made wig units completely made from scratch with a sewing machine.

Eyelandmink is for the girl next door. We are all about class, living a carefree life of fun and luxury. 

 Eyelandmink has traveled all over the United States making a name in big cities, but the goal is WORLDWIDE!
We have made it to the motherland country Africa 🙌
Lagos, Nigeria 🇳🇬
Sierra, Leone 🇸🇱 
and more to come...
Continue to look out for us as we are expanding.

Thank you so much for each and every customer who has supported and purchased from Eyelandmink!
Keep God first and please do not ever give up!!!
- Princess Mink
Princess Nija
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