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  • How to determine how many bundles you may need?
    Each bundle is approximately 3.5 0z. Therefore, the shorter the hair, the thicker the bundle. The longer the hair , the thinner the bundle appears. Depending on your hairstyle such as a full sew-in we suggest ordering 2-3 bundles for hair lengths 14" to 18". We suggest 3- 4 bundles 20"- 26" and 4-5 bundles of 28" or more. This is advice only. The amount of hair you need depends solely on your hairstyle. Keep in mind if you are ordering a frontal or closure the amount of bundles differentiate.
  • How can I maintain my hair so it can last?
    - Before Installing your hair, always co wash and air dry hair completely. - Always sleep with a silk or satin hair wrap. Do not sleep directly on cotton pillows or use cotton hair wraps. This will dry your hair out and hair will not last as long as it should. - Avoid alcohol based products as this also can dry up your hair - Shampoo at least once a week - Let hair air dry - Do not use too much product as this will cause build up on your hair. Wash hair if this happens and remember to let hair air dry - Hair can be colored and lightened. We advise you to seek professional help when coloring your hair extensions, because you can easily over process and damage your investment. - Keep hair treated conditioned and moisturized.
  • How do I measure my head for custom wigs?
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