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Virgin Japanese Straight

Introducing our Virgin Japanese Straight hair bundles, the perfect option for those looking for a sleek and polished look. The straight texture is incredibly smooth and silky, and can be easily styled or worn as is for a sophisticated and elegant look. Each bundle is full and thick from root to tip, providing a luscious and luxurious appearance. With proper care, our Virgin Japanese Straight hair bundles can last for months, making them a great investment for your hair.


Pair with Japanese Straight Closure or Japanese Straight Frontal!

Virgin Japanese Straight


The number of bundles needed generally depends on the lengths purchased and desired volume.

12"-14": 2 or more bundles required.
16"-18": 3 or more bundles required.
20"-24":4 or more bundles required
26" inches and longer-5-6 bundles or more required.

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